Lead Generation

Customise your forms as you desire. Whether you want all electricians to receive a  lead orquotation request or only a specific electrician to receive that lead, ProScouters has you covered.

Messaging Inbox

ProScouters gives users the ability to easily find messages.

Easily View Lead Details

The only way pros can satisfy clients is if they truly understand what they need. ProScouter shows the requested details in a beautiful and responsive format.


Pros and customers can conveniently message each other through ProScouters.

Estimates & Quotations

Depending on the job, different types of estimates are needed. ProScouters gives pros the ability to issue fixed price and hourly estimates to potential clients.

Hiring a Pro

After requesting a quote and receiving responses and estimates from pros, users are likely to have reached a decision on hiring their preferred pro.

ProScouters allows users to hire their preferred pro for any project.


From email notifications to on-site notifications ProScouters will let your users know when new messages and leads have been received.

File Uploads

File sharing is critical in any messaging app and ProScouters will ensure that your users can upload and share files with each other during the conversation.

ProScouters also enables file uploads directly via the Request a Quote form, which can greatly assist pros in giving accurate estimates.

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